Shape mentalport through your interview

Hello dear pioneer psychological support!


It’s good that you are here. It’s about time we got talking – because this gives us the opportunity to get to know you a bit and discuss a few quick questions in a relaxed atmosphere. This is going to be exciting! 🙂 

Why is it good to talk to a member of mentalport?

  • As a pioneer of mentalport you contribute to solve one of the biggest social problems (the lack of availability of psychological help).

  • Your opinion is very important and you can’t give us wrong answers 🙂

  • Choose whether you want to get in touch with us by phone or via video call and choose your favorite date flexibly. 

    And the best?

  • Because the interviews are super important for us, you will get a reward from us. Namely…

    …let us surprise you at the end of the interview. 🙂

With whom will you conduct the interview? 

Probably with Tim or another team member, depending on whether appointments are available. He is mainly responsible for interviews and external contacts.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your mentalport team